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Specializing in highly complex riding and stunt work, Dunne credits his years of trials, mountain biking, driving, and karting to developing the skills necessary to put almost any vehicle on its mark, take after take.

Unique motorcycle Rentals

Having spent the majority of his life in the motorcycle industry, Dunne has the uncanny ability to acquire almost any bike in any quantity, from one MV Agusta to one hundred Harleys.




Racing since the age of nine, Dunne has taken home trophies on nearly every landscape imaginable, from the top of Pikes Peak to the desert floor of Baja, and everywhere in between. Soloing or teaming up with a crew, he’s never said no to challenge.


Seasoned in color commentary, Dunne offers professional hosting services honed by years of travel shows and documentary films, commentating on live racing events, and guest appearances on radio shows.